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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crimson Guard (2001)

Crimson Guard first pressing

Side A:
1. Walk Among the Cobras
2. Right Inside My Pocket
3. Telegram Sam
4. Box Cutter in My Boot
5. Up the Wall

Side B:
1. So Blue (I'm Black)
2. Besame Mucho
3. Strength in Numbers
4. Steal That Girl Away
5. Half Full
6. A Place to Call My Home

Crimson Guard is the first Dan Sartain LP and was only released on vinyl. The story of the various pressings of this LP is still not totally clear to me but here's the informations I could gather.

First pressing : 100 black vinyl copies (2001)

The first pressing of this LP was self-released by Dan Sartain in 2001. The LP came in a “Dan Sartain – Crimson Guard” rubber stamped red die-cut jacket (see pic above).


It comes with two inserts in this LP. First insert have a 3D-printed "Cobra" image (3D-glasses were included in the LP to view it) on one side and the tracklist on the other side. The second insert contains the recording credits.

It seems like the LP also comes with 3D glasses but they were not in the (used) copy I have so they might only be inserted in the second pressing (or missing in my copy). If you have information about it, please share.

Second pressing : 100 red vinyl copies (2002)

This second pressing seems to be similar to the first one but on red vinyl and released with the help of Rhino records.

Tim copy of first or second pressing

Third pressing : 200 vinyl copies on Cass records (2012)

In 2012, on Dan Sartain demand, Ben Blackwell used the original stampers to make a last pressing of this record on his label, 200 copies on black vinyl in a rubber stamped cover.

Because of a pressing plant error, 30 copies were pressed on translucent red vinyl and most of them were sold during the Dan Sartain 2012 European tour.

Last pictures, the test pressing made for this third repress.

If you have any other information, please share. All the pictures presented here come from my personnal collection (unless stated otherwise). If you have a second pressing copy (or a first pressing including 3D glasses), I'm very interrested!

Thanks to Ben for some information.


  1. Damn, I want a red one!

  2. You just thanked someone named Ben for using my picture of the record. The original is at www.factportugal.com. My name is Tim, and you should thank me!

    Also, I don't think this came out on Red vinyl, where did you hear that?

  3. Sorry I thanked Ben for pictures (the ones of the inserts) and I couldn't remember where I found the first one. Thanks for reminding it to me !!

    The Ben that gave me all these pictures and informations played with Dan during some shows and produced Dan records throught TMR and Cass records so I think that the informations he can give me are reliable!

    Thank you for your comment, is the Crimson Guard of your picture yours ? (if yes, I'm jealous, really).

    I hope you don't mind me using your picture. Just tell me if you want it to be removed.

  4. No, please feel free to use it. It is mine, I scored it on eBay a few years ago. Also, I'm pretty sure that the picture you are using of the Romance in Stereo cover is of my CD. Not my picture, looks like the picture from the auction I won it on eBay from. Happy to help the Dan Sartain world.

  5. For the Romance in Stereo CD, Ben sent me a scan of his own CD! I never found a picture of the Romance in Stereo CD on internet.

    If you have more detailed pictures of any Dan Sartain releases, feel free to share!

    Thanks again.