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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dan Sartain Live @ Hotel Cafe (08-19-2010): Live Report

Here is the mishmash magazine live report of the last Dan Sartain Live @ Hotel Cafe (08-19-2010).

The review:

A true American talent that seems to be more appreciated in other countries than his homeland. Dan still played with his trademark manic grin and bravado to a slightly differential Hotel Cafe crowd. Hotel Cafe was not a great choice of venue for a man of Dans caliber he should have played the Echo or Spaceland where his music would truly be appreciated.

Set was short but sweet, playing heavily from new album 'Dan Sartain Lives'. Album title is a play on his previous two albums artwork where he has hung himself/blown his brains out. In other words HE LIVES!

His backing band were tighter than a record labels narrowing profit margins.

All in all the show was great would have been nice to see more people show up and appreciate true talent when it comes to town. Next time Dan comes to town I will take on promotional duties myself and fill the place and then sit outside after so each individual that attended can shake my hand and say 'Thank you, you were right'.
Favorite Moment

When he proclaimed that the song 'I Could Have Had You' was written about "The shit I have in my pockets"
Lamest Moment

The shitty Hotel Cafe audience who were'nt aware of the great musical treats that were being bestowed upon them. Shame on you.

Opening Acts
Dan Sartain doesnt need openers, jive mofo!

Did you dig this band before seeing the show?

Worth spending your money?

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