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Thursday, November 25, 2010

TMR Bohemian Grove set

This 7 is quite special for me as it’s the one that made me discover Dan Sartain universe. Without this record I would never have spent hours on internet looking for information about the other records Dan released before. Without that 7 I would never had the idea to gather all the information I found and create this blog.

This is why I’m so $ù*$* happy to finally have all the limited editions of this 7, 18 months after its release. And I have to say a BIG thank you to Luke, Kamen and Jason for this. Because they sold me these records for face value (more or less) I’m able to own them (no way I could afford the 500 $ this set can be sold on ebay)…

Until now, this blog was just a gathering of useful information about Dan Sartain universe. Starting today, maybe because I’m more confident in my English skills, I will sometimes give my point of view. And I invite you to to do the same. Don’t hesitate to send me live reports, pictures & videos of shows, fan art (I know some of you already did).

Here are some pictures:

For more information about these releases, check the article about this single just HERE.

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