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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dan Sartain interview for the fans by the fans partI

Here comes the first part of the interview.

Q: You are a big star trek fan, what is your favorite hair product?
Dan Sartain: This sounds like a two part question, so here we go. Firstly, I find that show to be entertaining. Lastly, Dark and Lovely.

Q: What's been your weirdest touring experience?
Dan Sartain: Girl + piss + empty milk jug + funnel + Moving vehicle + Baltimore= weirdest touring experience

Q: What's your favorite Rocket From The Crypt album ?
Dan Sartain: The state of art is on fire

Q: What was it like working with Jack White? Which version of Bohemian Grove do you prefer?
Dan Sartain: Another two parter. 1. In short, unique. 2. The version on Dan Sartain Lives.

Q: Which band that you've shared a bill with were the coolest? And the least cool?
Dan Sartain: Sometimes when I tour I know the bands we will be touring with before I go. Sometimes the other bands are total strangers and I meet them when the tour begins. I really like to tour with Kerry Davis and her act Two Tears. Beehive and the Barracudas were the funniest. Hot Snakes and Nightmarchers were like a big support system to tour with. The Beatsteaks guys were really nice and could not do enough to help. Surprisingly enough Mike Ness and Social Distortion were a great bunch of nice guys. I was a little intimidated by Mike Ness and his reputation as a tough guy. You never see a picture of him smiling. He's got the mean-mug thing down. Basically, Mike Ness looks like the kind of guy who would beat up a guy like me. But I found him and his whole crew to be kind, helpful, and supportive. Nice work if you can get it. Still...I'd not want to test him.

And least cool....I don't want to name any names but, Detroit Cobras.

Q: When you next come to the UK will you please play a gig my house ?
Dan Sartain: Whats in it for me? I am going to need home made tatoos in these negotiations before we talk further.

Q: Who wins in a fight between a shadow ninja night creeper and geordi laforge during that time he got infected with alien dna and was turning into this glowstick-veined lizard-man ?
Dan Sartain: Night Creeper came along in a really horrible neon time period for G.I.Joe. Fuck Nightcreeper! Those new G.I.Joe and Transformers movies kind of ruined those hobbies for me. They were already shitty hobbies to begin with, but after those movies came out it was just embarrassing. So embarrassing that it makes being a Trekkie look favorable.

Q: How did you like playing at the Milestone club in Charlotte, NC? I wasn't there but really wanted to be there to see you!
Dan Sartain: I think I kinda fell in love with that place. I met amazing visual artist there named Kelly Keith. I already have plans to go back next month (2/25/11). Will be at the Milestone again.

Q: What's your favourite car?
Dan Sartain: My Plymouth, silly :)

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