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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About the Who's Sorry Now? 7"

03/29/2011 UPDATE

This 7" is now SOLD OUT

Maybe some of you still didn't buy the Who's Sorry Now? 7" (more information about this single HERE). That's a shame as this 7" is really awesome (maybe my favourite from Dan Sartain)... and will soon be sold out.

Here's what the Bent Rail Foundation Records label manager just told me:
I only have about seven dan sartain records left. Beside ordering them from me, folks can order them from interpunk.com (10 copies available) or they can get them from Dan himself (I gave him around 25 copies around christmas)...and that's it. It is highly unlikely that i will repress the record.
As I just ordered a spare copy, there are only 16 copies left on internet so HURRY!!!

03/03/2011 UPDATE
On Bent Rail Foundation website:

The Dan Sartain "Who's Sorry Now?" 7" is officially SOLD OUT. 9 copies are still available through www.interpunk.com as of earlier today (2/28/2011).
If you happen to order before I take the link down, I will cancel you order.

Bent Rail Foundation website (shop at the bottom of the page): http://www.bentrail.com/


  1. Who's sorry now is great.

  2. I totally agree! That 7" deserves to be sold out!!