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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crazy Record Store Day Week Contest: The results

First of all, thanks to everyone who took some time to browse this blog in order to find the answer to one of the question. The contest is over, hope you'll come check this blog from time to time.
My son made the drawings 5 minutes ago and it seems like one person HAD to win as he drew it 3 times!!! The rules were "you can win only one single" so he made the drawing again!

I won't make you wait more, here are the results:

Question #1
answer: Legacy of Hospitality
winner: Max Sander

Question #2
answer: The Husbands
winner: Maxime Montigny

Question #3
answer: Dan Sartain
winner: Julian Stevenson

Question #4
answer: Rick Froberg
winner: Erin Harmon (how can one people be SO lucky?)

Question #5
answer: Henry Dunkle (or Dunkel)
winner: Gina Card

I sent an email to all the winners, One little Indian will contact them soon!

Stay tuned for more contests!!


  1. :'o( c'est pô juste.

  2. Yes!!! I am so excited! My local record store didn't get it & I was so bummed. I owe your son a big bag of candy!

  3. how can us losers get our paws on this? I need it!