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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forthcoming album tape bootleg: SOLD OUT

Do you remember the PICTURE posted as a teaser two months ago? Do you remember the punk songs Dan was/is playing during his last/current tour (you can download the Paris show mp3s here if you don't remember). Mix both and you'll have the forthcoming Dan's album that should be released in 2012. If you're fast enough, there's a way for you to get a bootleg tape of that album. Here's the story about that, told to me by a guy named Patrick:
The other night, I went to see Dan Sartain in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have waited to see him play for over six years. After he finished, I spoke with him for a bit. He said he would give me a rare seven inch of his, so we went to his merch booth, and it was the Who's Sorry Now? one. But I had brought that one to the show for him to sign. So he said to me, "Well, do you have a tape player? I have a tape with the new album in my van." He gave me a tape that has the new album on it and told me to bootleg the shit out of it haha. Then we hung out for about three to four hours, at pizza, watched fire dancers, chased women, got high, hung out with his band, talked about Hulk Hogan, harassed yuppies. It was the greatest night ever. I'm making around thirty copies and sending them to cool people, including Dan haha. The tape it was on was some mix tape they had lying around, so there's also some awful eighties synth pop shit on it too lol. If you listen closely, you can hear it in between his songs.
Now sold out.

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  1. so, when's this due to appear as a bootleg online?? someone needs to surely...enjoyed 'nam vet' and all the tunes he played when i went to see him, don't wanna be hanging around for 2012 release!