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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crimson Guard: The Cass Records Re-issue

Cass Records is releasing a new version of Dan Sartain first LP, Crimson Guard. Only 200 pressed so be quick!

From the Cass Records website:

When Dan asked Cass to reissue his first LP, we were speechless. Originally self-released in 2001, the songs are unbelievable and moving, especially considering the man was barely twenty-years old at the time of release. As if that's not enough "Crimson Guard" is IMPOSSIBLE to find (we only ever got one by begging Dan for a copy) so good luck finding one of the original 200 pressed. This repressing is limited to 200 copies as well, half of which are available from our website and the other half from Dan's merch table. We've embarked on our most elaborate rubber stamping campaign yet...each LP jacket has TEN individual rubber stamps on it and takes no less than 5 minutes to render. The result is nothing short of beautiful. One-time only repress.
Go to the cass records store to order it.

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