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Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Dan Sartain playing Rockabilly music?

Dan Sartain made an interview for the al.com blog.

Birmingham native Dan Sartain will celebrate the release of his new record, "Too Tough to Live," at BottleTree Cafe on Sunday, March 18. Habbibi and Teenage Bedroom will open the show. Doors are at 8, with bands beginning at 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the door for $5. In one of the most thorough interviews I have ever done, I spoke to Dan about leaving the Reverend Horton Heat tour, his feelings about the "rockabilly" label, his love for Birmingham and vinyl.
BE: You often get lumped into a "rockabilly" category, but some of the new tunes, especially "F*** Friday," have a real throw back, near Ramones feel. I know that's an unfair comparison, but how do you feel your sound is best defined? DS: No, it's not unfair to say Ramones at all. I wanted this record to be obvious that it's a tribute to the Ramones. I found a new appreciation for that band. People overthink it. A lot of bands are doing that kind of thing with that intensity and energy behind it. I mean, even the title, "Too Tough to Live," is a ripoff of the Ramones. The Ramones were like jingles - like commercial music that gets stucks in your head. And there are a lot of bands that write songs that do, but I don't remember the songs after. As for the "rockabilly" part? I always though it was weird to label the music as rockabilly. I can say that because I listen to it and I like it and my music is not that. My music is a lot of minor chords. Like, it's such a bad word, "rockabilly." It's almost as bad as saying "blues." When I think of blues, I think of middle-aged white men - people I encounter at guitar stores. When I go down the aisles looking for someone to talk about the blues, it's just going to be some nerdy white guy. I'm not taking away from where it originally started, at all, but that's where it's at. You just have some cheesy Kevin Eubanks [expletive] doing it now. And rockabilly is like that. I did the tour with Reverend Horton Heat this year and he's all of that, so I'm really talking a lot of [expletive]. And people will say, "What are you talking about? You have a haircut like those guys and you have a hollow body guitar like those guys." I try to be a little more introspective with my songwriting. 

Click HERE for the full interview.

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