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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I did this blog to gather all the informations about Dan Sartain in order for the fans to find all they want and to help people to discover Dan universe.

Hey fans, I need your help to improve this blog content

  • make live reports
  • take cool pictures/vids during shows
  • share with the people here all the informations you can have about Dan Sartain

  • leave comments on the blog in order to make this site live
Any suggestions are welcome !


  1. Hey there, thanks for the awesome blog! I told my friend Heather about this website, she is selling an autographed Dan Sartain CD on Ebay right now and I told her this would be a good place to advertise it. She didn't listen to me though, haha, so now I'm telling you! Guys, go to Ebay if you want an autograph copy of Dan Sartain lives! :) Rock on

  2. if i knew of any news, id send it this blogs way. i come to this blog because i want to catch up, haha. sorry about that.