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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swami Sounds System vol1: 2003 Sales Conference - Compilation (2003)

Released on CD and digital download via itunes.

1. Action (Beehive & the Barracudas)
2. Orphan Boy (The Husbands)
3. U.S. Mint (Hot Snakes)
4. Noise International (Donn Orchestra Ball)
5. California Lights (Rocket from the Crypt)
6. Put Me in the Right Place (Vince Callaher)
7. It's Only Death (Testors)
8. P.C.B. '98 (Dan Sartain)
9. Whine, Cry, Bitch, Moan and Complain (Warren Byrnes)
10. Psycho I.D. (Sonny Vincent)
11. Mechanic's Joy Ride (Mike Buckler)

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